Track Your Plaque: The only heart disease prevention program that shows how to use the new heart scans to detect, track and control coronary plaque

Author: William Davis

27 Jul 2004

Price: $9.67

It's a sad fact: 90% of all heart disease goes undetected until heart attack strikes.An annual physical won't uncover it, you may feel great, exercise and eat intelligently, your LDL cholesterol may be 92 or 192-it makes little difference. Then how can you predict your heart's future? Do you need a crystal ball?Well, you don't have a crystal ball. But you have the next best thing: Track Your Plaque, the program that shows you how to use the new heart scans to measure and control coronary plaque. Coronary plaque is heart disease that leads to heart attack. If you know you have hidden coronary plaque and how much, you have the power to take control of your heart health future. Quantifying the amount of plaque you have is the most powerful measure available to predict future heart attack, far better than knowing your cholesterol.The revolutionary program that shows you how to begin to take control of your heart's future now!Track Your Plaque is a 3-step program that shows how you can:1)Detect and measure coronary plaque easily and inexpensively2)Identify the causes of your coronary plaque with methods that go far beyond simple-minded cholesterol measures3)Effectively treat the causes and gain control of your plaqueTrack Your Plaque reaches farther than any other available program and can provide life-changing information to seize control of your future.